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24pcs 2020 Gold Graduation Theme Party Decorations

24pcs 2020 Gold Graduation Theme Party Decorations

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Graduation decoration set: contain CONGRATS banner, black gold 2020 foil balloons, Black Gold metallic fringe foil curtain, glitter gold star garlands, these items all you need to make a pefect party wall backdrop.

What You Will Get?

  • 1 pc 2 meters "Congrats" banner
  • 1 pc 3ft*8ft black gold metallic foil fringe tinsel curtain
  • 2 packs(10pcs) black gold latex balloons
  • 1 pack(5pcs) black gold confetti balloons
  • 1 pack(5pcs) white latex balloons
  • 1 pc glitter gold star garland
  • 4pcs 32” gold foil number balloons (2-0-2-0)

Let's Graduate


  • Congratulations, you are graduated! Use these as graduation photo backdrop, add great fun to your 2020 graduation party for your graduation event with our graduation banner, take some memorable photos, when look back some day, it must be full of memories.
  • Perfect for rose gold themed 2020 graduation party, new job, engagement, job promotion or a good report, retirement, promotions, team parties, awards etc.
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