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Blue Green Fluorescent Couple Ring

Blue Green Fluorescent Couple Ring

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The glow in the dark material used is of a very high quality. Compared to regular sulfide photoluminescent pigments it glows 10 times longer.

* Both of this ring is made for men and women. They are matching ring and also a great solution for your proposal promise ring. A simple cut out really makes them pop out. They are comfortable to wear. 

* You have to charge the ring by holding it under the light a few minutes before you wear it in the dark, it will gradually release its light energy throughout the night. It can be charged by sunlight or with a UV Black Light.

Since each ring is hand stamped and made to order, they may vary slightly, but I always do my best to space and align text properly.

These are a set of hand crafted rings. They are made with great care and tons of love, in a small workshop.

Thank you very much for your interests and we promise to deliver high standard of goods to you!

The Perfect Gift: Best gift idea for friend,lover,girlfriend,fiancee,wife,mother,grandmaa

Occasion: Christmas,Birthday,Anniversary,Valentine's Day,Mother's Day

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