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Personalized Instagram Style 3D Led Lamp

Personalized Instagram Style 3D Led Lamp

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Obsessed with Instagram? Instead of tirelessly checking the number of likes your 5-minute-old post is getting, get this lamp instead. After all, this lamp will always reflect your best post.

Enter the following personalization details please:

a) Name(s),
b) Location
c) Message/description,
d) Date,
e) Hashtags,
f) Number of Likes,
g) Photo 

Be all 20th century with this Instagram-style 3D personalized lamp. The glass panel can be printed with any photo and caption, and reflects LED lights—your color of choice—at the base.

♡ This personalized led lamp is going to be the best gift for him/her for birthday,anniversaries,christmas,valentine's day,mothers day ,fathers day and any other occasion that deserves a purposeful gift. ♡

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