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Personalized Wallet Insert Card

Personalized Wallet Insert Card

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Give this card to someone you love, slip it into their wallet or purse, and stay together even when you're apart. It's a little piece of you they'll take everywhere they go. ❤️

Due to how unique and sentimental these cards are, they have become very a popular gift choice for anniversaries, deployments, long distance relationships, Valentines Day, Christmas, and more.

Note : If you want to have a personalized wallet insert card of your choice then select the custom black card variant  and add the message,name,date,initials etc in the text box above.

Featuring laser engraved text on an extremely durable metal aluminum card, it slips right into any wallet or purse and won't get damaged like a note or a photo.

It's lightweight, yet SUPER durable and strong. It will never bend, scratch, fade, rust, or deteriorate in any way. It will literally last a lifetime because the engraving will NEVER wear off. It makes a truly unique gift that is sure to be treasured for years to come.

Card size: 3.35" x 2.13" x 0.02"

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